Byzantine Chant in English

The Divine Liturgy of the Holy Orthodox Church of Antioch

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Ancient Chants of the Eastern Orthodox Church sung in English for the first time by the world-renowned Mount Lebanon Choir. Included with the audio CD is a PDF file with the Byzantine notation of the hymns of the Divine Liturgy of St. Chrysostom. You can view the file from any Windows or Macintosh computer.

Language: Byzantine Chant in English
Price: $18.00 + S& H


 "Singing and chanting praises to the Almighty God during our Liturgical Services is an awesome and most important ministry. I am pleased to bless and approve your CD entitled, “The Divine Liturgy of the Holy Orthodox Church of Antioch.” I listened very carefully to this entire CD and am very happy with the outstanding chanting. My gratitude goes to you and those who labored diligently for the success of this CD."
His Grace, the Right Reverend JOSEPH, Bishop of Los Angeles and the West


"This excellent new recording in English by the Mount Lebanon Choir will inspire many people to appreciate the beauty of Byzantine chant. This CD is especially valuable because it also contains all the sheet music used for the recording. I pray that many churches will use these traditional chants in their divine services."
+Hieromonk Ephraim
Saint Anthony Monastery, Arizona











1. The Great Litany in Tone 8  Demo 1

2. The First Antiphon in Tone 2 Demo 2

3. The Little Litany in Tone 8

4. The Second Antiphon in Tone 2  Demo 3

5. The Little Litany in Tone 8

6. The Third Antiphon –

Troparion for the Resurrection in Tone 1 While the stone… Demo 4

   & the Little Entrance Hymn

   & the Kontakion to the Theotokos for ordinary Sundays.

7. Holy God in Tone 2

8. The Epistle reading – Alleluia in Tone 2

9. The Gospel reading – Glory to Thee, O Lord…in Tone 8  Demo 5

10. The Cherubic Hymn in Tone 1 Demo 6

11. The Litany of Supplication in Tone 5 (enharmonic)

12. The Peace in Tone 5 (enharmonic) and the Creed

13. The Anaphora in Tone 5 (enharmonic)

14. Megalynarion in Tone 5(enharmonic) It is truly meet…

15. Among the first be mindful, O Lord, of our Father, Metropolitan Philip

16. The Litany Before the Lord's Prayer in Tone 8 & 5(enharmonic)

      & The Lord's Prayer

      & One is Holy….

17. Communion Hymn - Praise the Lord in Tone 8

18. Blessed is He in Tone 2

      & Receive me today in Tone 8 (Ga)

      & We have seen the true light in Tone 2

      *Thanksgiving After Holy Communion*

     Let our mouths be filled with Thy praise in Tone 5 Demo 7

     & The Litany of Thanksgiving 

19. The prayer behind the Ambon

20. Blessed be the Name of the Lord in Tone 2 Demo 8

21. The Dismissal

22. Lord have mercy in Tone 8 and 5 (enharmonic)