Byzantine Chant in Arabic

The Divine Liturgy in Arabic

Ancient Chants of the Eastern Orthodox Church sung in Arabic by the world-renowned Mount Lebanon Choir.

Language: Byzantine Chant in Arabic
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1. The Great Litany in Tone 8  Demo 1

2. The First Antiphon in Tone 2

3-4. The Second Antiphon in Tone 2 

5. The Little Litany in Tone 8

5-6. The Third Antiphon –

Troparion for the Resurrection in Tone 1 While the stone… Demo 2

   & the Little Entrance Hymn

   & the Kontakion to the Theotokos for ordinary Sundays.

7. Holy God in Tone 2

8. The Epistle reading – Alleluia in Tone 2

9. The Gospel reading – Glory to Thee, O Lord…in Tone 8 

10. The Cherubic Hymn in Tone 1

11-14. The Anaphora in Tone 5 (enharmonic, Pherios)

15-12 The rest of the Divine Liturgy