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Byzantine Lessons and Exercises

1. The Basic of  Byzantine Music Notation in English

2. Reading Psalmodia is an introduction to Modern Byzantine Musical notation. "Reading Psalmodia" is available as three main pdf files with some sample transcriptions. "Reading Psalmodia" is a theoretical manual, not an instruction manual on how to sing psaltic chant, but it may well prove useful to students of chant in offering simple discussions in English of a variety of issues they will encounter.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

*"Reading Psalmodia" is a copyright text, but readers of this page are licensed to print a single copy for personal study, or up to 10 copies for use by students either in educational institutions or in church communities. If multiple copies are made, the title page of the relevant section together with its copyright notice must be included.

A, The Principles of Byzantine Music in Arabic Part 1(pdf)

Important: If you have read 1 and 2 then proceed to 3

Byzantine Chant Audio Training and Exercises

Sung by Fr. Nicholas Malek.

Compiled in English by Sbd. Karim El-Far

3. Byzantine Chant Audio Training and Exercises (pdf)

You may skip some of the exercises if you do not know Arabic or Greek. It is very important to download the (1-7) zipped audio mp3 files. For example, Ex. 1.wav.mp3 is the audio example of Exercise #1 from the PDF file. Please report any technical issues to orthodoxiaradio@kelfar.net

*Readers of this page are licensed to download the pdf  & zipped files for personal use.


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